Azure 12 months free trail

12 months Free hosting on Microsoft Azure

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrMicrosoft Azure is providing 12 months free trial to test their product offering. We will explain, how we can get the 12 months of free hosting or free virtual machine. That can be used to host low traffic web servers, small databases, micro services, servers for proof-of-concepts, build servers, and code […]

Sequel Pro keyboard shortcut change

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrSequel Pro Sequel Pro is a fast, easy-to-use database Client for working with MySQL databases. It has a lot of other features you can explore more on the Website. Keyboard Shortcut Sequel Pro by default doesn’t provide a feature to change a KeyMapping. However, changing keyboard shortcuts in Sequel Pro is […]

Best deal on Apple iPhone X in India with future upgrade

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblriPhone X went on sale in India at 6pm IST on Friday(3rd Nov, 2017). It is already delivered to few people who pre-booked it. If you are also looking to buy an iPhone X wait, we will show you the best deal. We will explain, why it is the cheapest option. […]

Redis 3.0.0 stable is released

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrRedis 3.0.0 On April 1st Redis team announced the release of Redis 3.0.0 stable. It is the firs stable version of Redis with native support for clustering. Team was working on this from long and many of the features were already back ported to Redis 2.8. Major Changes Other new things […]

Redis Sentinel or High Availability of Redis

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrRedis Sentinel: Redis Sentinel is designed to monitor Redis Instance. It can automatically switch your master if it goes down or having some issue. Hence it will reduce the time for manual issue identification and switch. That will give us high availability,  that is why some people call it HA for […]

Xiaomi Announced MIUI 6 Update for Devices in India

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrMIUI 6 Update for Devices in India Today Xiaomi announced the MIUI 6 update for devices in India. Xiaomi announced that the Mi 3, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note 4G and the Redmi Note, all are getting the MIUI 6 update. Users will get OTA roll out very soon. As per them […]

WhatsApp on PC, Official WhatsApp web client for System/PC

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrHow to Use WhatsApp on PC/Web?? From long time people are using Bluestack, Android Emulator or some hacks to use Android apps on PC.  From long time WhatsApp users were waiting for “WhatsApp on PC”. Finally users got a good news, recently WhatsApp team launched the WhatApp Web client for PC. […]

Redis master slave setup on single machine

It's only fair to share…TwitterFacebookLinkedinemailRedditPinterestDiggTumblrWhat is Redis Master Slave? Redis Master Slave setup is same as any other Master Slave setup. It allows you to maintain multiple copies of same data automatically. That will serve the purpose of backup and scaling. You can use Redis Slave to serve the request the reading requests and hence […]